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Aaaaaand.... We're Back!

Haha, actually we never went anywhere (lol, neither did anyone else). BUT now that Child and Family Services offices are up and running, we are diving right in to the winter rush. In the past six months, we received a multitude of donations (apparently lockdowns are good for quilters). Just as we started to grow concerned that our new building might bust at the seams, the calls started coming in. In the past two months alone, we've received orders for 227 bags! In addition to

making and delivering bags, we've also hosted 3 presentations, attended a socially-distant-mini retreat, and built additional shelving to hold an amazing material donation from the family of Betty Manning.

While most of our day to day updates you can view on our facebook page, our main point of this update is to say YES, it's still crazy busy over here, YES, we are still accepting donations, YES, orders are coming in and bags are going out, and YES, we still praise God every day for how He is using this ministry to reach His little ones. All praise and glory be to our Creator! We also want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has kept this ministry in their thoughts and prayers. God Bless you!


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