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Just a few notes and you'll be on your way to placing an order!

* If this is the first time your office has ordered from us, please contact us so we can give you a brief overview of how our system works, and how to make the most of your Bags of Love experience!

* We recommend having at least two of each type of Bag on hand (20 Bags total). This will keep you prepared for most situations that arise.

* We also recommend designating one or two people in your office to monitor your Bag supply to ensure you have an adequate number on hand and don't accidentally double order.

* Bags are meant to be delivered to children who are being removed from their home and entering foster or kinship care for the first time.

If you have a different or unique situation, that doesn't mean we can't help you! Just let us know in your order form what your situation is, and we can accommodate!

* Please DO NOT take apart the Bags to give away certain items (inspecting the Bags is ok). This makes it difficult to know how many completed Bags you have on hand ready to go, and prevents a child from getting a half-finished Bag.

Thanks for reading! 

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