JEWEL (aka "Head Office")

Jewel is the voice of Bags of Love. If you've been involved in Bags of Love in any way, chances are you've talked to Jewel. She maintains contact with our suppliers and receivers, arranging pick ups and drop offs, and keeps the flow of the operation going!


Nancy takes care of business. If Jewel is the talker, Nancy is the doer! She is often making deliveries, picking up supplies and ensuring we've got our bag tags, letters, and labels. Also an avid quilter, Nancy is our contact for anything fabric related.

LESLEE (and the kids)

Organization is her passion. If you've been to our headquarters, you've seen the result of her magic sorting skills. She stays on top of inventory and makes up the bags for delivery. Often accompanied by her three little ones, who keep things lively.


Judith is kept very busy with quilt and bag donations. She helps sort incoming quilts and strings every duffle bag that comes in! She never misses a work bee, and enjoys helping out wherever we need a hand!