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A Tour of Our Home

Well, here it is, a moment to catch our breath. During December, we reached out to every Child & Family Services Office and other outlets we have helped throughout 2017 to make sure they were well-stocked for the winter season. And wow, did we ever get a great response! After tallying up all our deliveries, 2017 was our busiest year yet with over 425 bags given out! We are incredibly blessed that God is using our little project to reach out and comfort so many children. We can rest in the knowledge that God will provide for all our needs, and that although the demand has increased, so has the pull on peoples' hearts to contribute to our cause.

We had no idea, back when we moved to our Tofield location, how much we would need the extra space. However, God knew. So now it's time to show off our new spot, for those of you who haven't yet been to visit. By the way, if you haven't been by, give us a shout! We'd love to give you the live tour. Anyways, here are a few snapshots.

Room #1 "The Tea Room"

This is where we set up to label quilts, string bags, and socialize! We also do most of our quilt sorting here. We are in a loft of a re-purposed church, and the windows overlook a preschool program. Bag orders ready for delivery are placed in this room as well.

Room #2 "Bag Building Centre"

The place where the Bags of Love come together! Along one wall we have our quilt shelving, with the quilts all sorted by gender and age. Along the window wall we have our bins for winter gear such as toques, mitts, scarves, etc (and our heater for the cold winter months!). Along the short wall we have our shelf of personal supplies for the pocket packs, our shelf of Bags, bins for teddy bears and bins for toys/items sorted by age and gender.

Along our back wall, we have a couple shelfs that house other bag contents such as colouring books, journals, baby supplies, toddler supplies, and reading books. We've also posted our bag checklist for quick reference for building the bags. There is also a bulletin board where we post orders that have come in, and are moved from "Received" to "Completed" once the order is ready for delivery. The board also displays works of art from the very patient children who come to work with mommy.

So that's our brief photo tour! Come by and see for yourself, and maybe build a bag or two!

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