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Seven Years in Review

January 16, 2010, Bags of Love at the Ryley Seventh-day Adventist Church took it's first bold and wobbly steps into becoming a registered chapter.

Yes that was seven year ago. We started with just two Child Services Offices, Camrose and Vegreville, and we were concerned that we wouldn't be able to meet the needs. Well you see, this is a God project and when He wants something to happen all He needs is some willing people to make it happen.

We found them and, in most cases, they found us. I really can't tell you how this all took place. I can tell you that even now we have no idea of all the amazing people who have added their piece into the beautiful puzzle that was put together to make Bags of Love. This is still an add-on puzzle as new people are joining the team all the time. From quilting guilds to schools, from business to bikers and truckers, but most of all just ordinary people choosing in one way or another to support and build us strong.

We were happy to help a Bags of Love Chapter to startup in Trail, British Columbia our second year. Also Boyle, Alberta followed, and as of this year Ponoka, Alberta. This helps to share the load.

Today, seven years later we are reaching out to over 20 Child and Family Services not only in Alberta, but as of last month reaching into Saskatchewan (North Battleford)!

From being concerned if we could manage two offices, because of the unlimited generosity shown to Bags of Love by so many amazing people we now have offices that call us and ask us for the Bags. They have heard about Bags of Love and they would like it in their office.

Thank you to the Social Workers and the Offices that did the second part where we couldn't go in remembering to give the child their Bag and for sending us some incredible stories of how some of the events went down. Thank you to the Foster Parents that shared stories of how the bags blessed their little kiddos that came into their home. How a quilt sewn on an afternoon quilting get together now comforted a distraught child. That was our mission. That's was exactly would we wanted to do.

So I would like to conclude. All you beautiful people out there, We Did It!!!!! Always remember we were just the hands God chose to pour out His blessings through.

But thank you each one for choosing to let Him use your hands to do it.

Let us keep the strength to carry on,

Jewel Lien

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