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Hello Everyone!

We've been busy working through the winter and spring seasons, and before we get into our last push before summer break, we thought we'd share our latest testimonial! This one comes to us from our Bags of Love chapter in Saskatchewan. We're so thankful to be part of a large community of like-minded folks just trying to make a child's life brighter! Also, a HUGE thank you to Ryley School for their donations to Bags of Love! We are simply overwhelmed with the support from our little school with a big heart. Kids helping kids!

'Good afternoon, I just wanted to provide you with some feedback I received from the supervisor in the ... office in regards to the bags of love. “We gave bags of love to two kids last week and it was literally priceless. The kids were so sad and reserved after giving their statements to police. We got them back to the office and gave them each one. They were so happy with everything in the bag of love – smiling, laughing and cuddling in the quilts and with the stuffed animals. I think they felt very special after getting them – they both commented that the quilts were hand sewn. So to whoever donates them – please pass on our sincere gratitude and appreciation for their hard work and thoughtfulness.”'

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