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A New Chapter Begins

We are excited to announce the opening of a new chapter of Bags of Love in Ponoka! Pamela Hirschkorn, Carol Morton, and Arriana Gibson started with us in February, and have been providing Bags for the Wetaskiwin and Maskwacis area. Here's why they chose to get involved with Bags of Love:

I felt and knew we were instructed in the bible to do something to make the world a better place. To let others know not necessarily about our beliefs or doctrines as Seventh-day Adventists but to feel the love, the basis of everything our Father in heaven has done for us. Firmly believing that the only way to witness if through actions, I needed to do something more than what was inside of my little bubble of day to day activities, mostly centred on myself. I was tired of being told I had to wait till I was older or "now's not the right time" I just wanted to do something. When I was told about Bags of Love I knew this was the perfect project for me. Not only do you get to show the Christ's love to the children but those around and involved. The social workers and foster parents get to see the compassion that Christ places in the hearts of his followers, when they see a child open a bag. People in the community regardless of their beliefs also find a ministry where they can fill the need they have to do something bigger than themselves. When working side by side community members, you witness to them through your actions, the way you carry yourself and through everyday conversation. All without even having to talk about your religious beliefs. In the process you also get to be an ACTIVE Adventist and start to fulfill the work that Christ called us to do through His example. Lastly to seal the deal I get to do it for kids. Kids that need to be loved, even though they have plenty of their own that they share with those around them. I love the opportunity this organization gives to touch a child's life with the love of Christ, without even having to come in contact with them. So when asked why I am a part of Bags of Love, I do it for one four letter word that makes a world of difference, LOVE. - Arriana Gibson

I found out about Bags of Love from a family member who has been making quilts for the project for several years. Several times over the years, she asked me if I would be interested in sewing some bags for the project. I finally seriously considered it when we were planning a local Pathfinder mission trip and we thought we could incorporate sewing bags for Bags of Love. After contacting Jewel Lien and the ladies from the East Central Alberta chapter of Bags of Love about our interest, they gave us everything we needed to get started making our bags and a presentation about Bags of Love.

My interest in the organization grew, along with several others in my church. Before we knew it, it seemed like God was just putting this project into our lap. The East Central Alberta chapter of Bags of Love invited us for lunch and a tour of their work area. They loaded up my van with quilts, bags, materials to make more quilts and bags, LOTS of stuffed animals, 50 Barbie dolls, and more. They also filled us with enthusiasm, ideas, plans, and confidence that we would have all the support that we would need to be successful.

Since then we have filled 8 bags and delivered them, and have started developing report with the two Social work offices that we are supporting. Our church family has been very supportive and supplies for the bags keep coming in. The East Central Alberta chapter has recently filled our car again and put us in contact with a quilting guild that will continue to support us with their quilts. It seems to me that God has opened the storehouse windows to let us know that He is behind us 100%. I am trusting that God will continue to bless and guide us in this labor of love for the children of Alberta. - Pamela Hirschkorn

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